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Bubble Wrap

Various Sizes Available

Packaging Tape

Various Packaging Tape Available

Cardboard Boxes

Various Sizes Available

Corrigated Cores

Various spesifications available

Corrugated Flat Sheeting

All Flute types available - Single & Double Wall - Single & Double Face

Polly Eurothene Rolls

Various sizes and Thickness's available

LDPE tubing

Manufactured to customer specification

Plastic Flat Sheeting

Made to customer specification

Pallet Wrap

Normal Core - Extended Core - Various Micron's - Various Sizes

Pallet Cover's

Made to customer specification

Cling Wrap

Available in various sizes

Die Cut Boxes

Bulk Pre Pack Boxes

Self Locking Open Top Boxes

Bulk Pre Pack Boxes (3kg and 5kg)

Plastic Liners

Food Liners for Pre Packs

Vacuum Bags

Various Sizes and Mircon's Available

Butcher Bags

Various Sizes and Micron's Available

White Fomo Trays

High Quality and Economy Fomo Trays Available

Black Fomo Trays

High Quality and Economy Fomo Trays Available

Refuse Bags

Black, Clear and Smokey refuse bags available

PET Strapping

PET Strapping has a higher tensile strength than P/P (Polypropylene) strapping and its characteristics are long life, resistant to ultra violet light and weatherproof. One of the great advantages is the high elasticity allowing the strap to remain tense even if the package shrinks after being strapped. In numerous applications PET strapping can replace steel strapping and is more cost effective and user friendly.

Strapping and Equipment

Strapping and Equipment

PET Strapping dispenser

Mobile strap dispenser for plastic band with seal tray, for roll inner core diameter of 405 mm.